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Spiders Control

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Spiders Control

Spiders are not insects and their species vary considerably in size. There are more than 35,000 species of spider, divided into 2 types of species.

Smaller spiders’ average length is 4-8mm. Males are smaller than females. Unlike insects, spiders only have 2 distinct body sections, the Cephalothorax, which is the head and thorax combined; it features fangs, pedipalps, multiple eyes and legs, and the abdomen which contains the spinnerets at the rear, which are sophisticated glands that spin the silken webs. There are many spider species present all across India. Most species prefer to live outdoors and feast on insects. Generally, spiders indoors are males hunting for females. Sometimes, spiders come inside for warmth if the temperature drops outside.

Spider Pest Control
Spider Pest Control

Most spiders are harmless and play an important role in controlling the insect population. Spiders emit silk, ejecting a liquid which turns to silk when it meets the air. Autumn is breeding season. Female spiders plump up to attract a male. The spider’s mating ritual is complex. Males must avoid getting eaten by the female and start by creating a web bed to lay sperm. They pick up the sperm in pedipalps by the mouth and inseminate the female. Some males dazzle the female to stop her reacting aggressively. Spiders use venom to paralyse their prey and eat at leisure. Some species venom is deadly.

Spiders Control Process

Ozone Pest Control has been treating Spiders for almost 11 years. We are spider experts and have a comprehensive process for finding, eliminating, and preventing spiders infestations.

The Use of Spray and Its Benefits:

Spider spray used both on property perimeters and in specific areas where spiders have been a problem in the past, spider spray is highly effective for both extermination and prevention. We are currently offering a special on spider spray – contact our team for more information. These attract various spider types and remove them from your environment. Sealing and prevention themes, In addition to the above, take the time to seal any cracks or gaps in your doors, windows and other entryways to stop spiders from entering your home.


Spiders Treatment

At Ozone pest control, we’re here to help. We provide a variety of pest control solutions for pest on your property, including insects like spiders, ants, termites, bed bugs, cockroach and many others. In addition, Here’s a primer on proactive versus reactive pest treatment, the benefits of the former, and your options here when it comes to spider control.For more on spider control, or to learn about any of our pest control, yard care or other services, speak to the staff at Ozone Pest Control today.

Ozone Spiders Warranty

We are confident in our training and in our products. We provide all of our customers with a one time treatment 90 days warranty.

We also provide 1 year annual maintenance plan for general pest control services including 3 services (one treatment at distances of 4 months). Complaint service will be provided without any extra charges in contract period.

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