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Rodents Control

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Rodents Control

Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents of the super family Muroidea. Rats are considered as carriers or transmitters of more human diseases than any other life form, except maybe the mosquito. Some of the diseases that can be spread from rats to people are bubonic and pneumonic plague, murine typhus, salmonella, leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and tularemia. The rapid breeding rodents in your home or business can be very dangerous. These little creatures are well known for carrying deadly diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen. Rodents usually come out during the nighttime, so it’s possible that you won’t even be aware of their presence. However, if you see rat droppings, hear movement at night or find gnawed objects then, your property is definitely infested with rodents. Ozone pest control team ensures the control of these Rodents and prevents future infestations.

Rodent Control
Rat Control

Rats cause a lot of damage. As the teeth of rodents continue to grow over their lifetime, they need to gnaw on hard substances such as lead and plastic pipes, insulation material and electric wiring. This habit increases the risk of short circuits and fires.

Rodents Control Process

The anticoagulant rodenticides are used. The poison will be mixed in food material and baiting is done. Baiting will be done only for outside compound premises.
Trapping is done by using Scissor Traps, Wonder Traps, Cages and Glue boards.

Rodents Control Baiting Method

Baiting is a very important part of controlling rodents. The rat is well controlled by this route. We mix poison their attractive food and put it in the right place. When mixed with anti-coagulant rodenticides in rats' favorite foods, mixed foods are very appealing to rats.


Rodents Control Mechanical Method

The mechanical method is also a great method for controlling rodents. Rats enter the house through pipes. For that, we create a rat guard which is mounted on a pipe in a round shape. We call them Rat Guards. Due to the Rat Guard the rats cannot enter the premises via the pipe. And in this method, the Society can also use Rodent Trap (Box) in the premisesp

Ozone Rodents Warranty

One Time Treatment (1 time Service With 90 days warranty period).

We also provide 1 year annual maintenance plan for general pest control services including 3 services (one treatment at distances of 4 months). Complaint service will be provided without any extra charges in contract period.

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