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Bee Control

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Bee Control

If you are looking for the best honey beehive removal in Delhi or honey bee pest control services in Delhi or removal of madhumakhi ka chatta, Ozone Pest Control Krishna Nagar, Delhi will help you out! We understand that bees are considered to be a nuisance to most people but it couldn’t be wrong to say they have great ecological importance. We have a dedicated pool of certified professionals who harnesses eco-friendly practices to delicately displace them from the hive, forcing the bees to relocate.

Bee Control
Wasp Control

Bee Control Process

During the honey bee control or removal process, our experts ensure that the bees are not killed during removal and the work is done with minimal to no hassle. The tools and technologies we use are specifically designed for home purposes, so they are incredibly safe even for your kids, pets, and elders.


Bee Control Inspection

At the beginning of each bee hive removal job, we inspect the property to locate the nest and make sure the insects in question are in fact honey bees, wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets, as well as what particular type of honey bees they are. Different insects warrant different removal methods, so it’s important to know what we’re dealing with at the outset. The better we understand the problem, the easier it is to stop it and prevent it from happening again.


Bee Control Treatment

Once we are sure of the insects’ identities, the next step is to get their nest out of your yard as seamlessly as possible. We make sure to avoid aggravating the bees while we are taking their nest away so that your family and our employees do not get stung in the process. By removing every nest at the earliest opportunity, we make it harder for the honey bees to spread.

Ozone Bee Control Warranty

One Time Treatment (1 time Service With 90 days warranty period).

We also provide 1 year annual maintenance plan for general pest control services including 3 services (one treatment at distances of 4 months). Complaint service will be provided without any extra charges in contract period.

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